Enabling People To Succeed - Together

Founded in 1965 Coverdale is a pioneer in experiential (inductive) learning and coaching. We are experts in human and organizational development and have supported individuals, teams, organizations and communities in over 80 countries. At present we have offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

The focus of our work is on skill development in areas such as cooperation and teamwork, leadership, self-management skills, conflict management and negotiation. Our approach is evidence-based and continuously evolving by linking theories from appropriate disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, adult development, communication, and organizational studies, with current coaching, training and development techniques.

We apply our methods to executive coaching, facilitation, consulting in organizational development projects as well as project management or intercultural cooperation.

Our coaches and consultants have front line management experience in a wide variety of industries: they know what it means to lead teams and organizations first hand rather than only academically. 

The Coverdale organization is a network of co-owned companies. This enables us to direct all our efforts on delivering results for our clients.

We are guided by our mission and a deeply rooted set of guiding principles and values.