What countries can you deliver in?

We have worked in over 80 countries and have a capability to deliver anywhere in the world.

How does Coverdale ensure the same quality on a global basis and over time?

All Coverdale coaches go through an 18-month certification process that is the same everywhere in the world. We frequently work together on international projects and have global Coverdale meetings where we exchange our latest learning and best practices.

What is the difference between inductive and experiential learning?

Technically it is the same: the learner discovers through active experimentation potential solutions. By analyzing the experience, planning for improvement and entering a new cycle of preparation, action and review new neural pathways develop that lead to sustainable behavioral change. This is the original form of learning: learning by doing. We sometimes avoid the term experiential learning as in practice it is occasionally used to describe providing learners with any type of experience without the rigorous cycle of Deliberate Practice.

What makes Coverdale different than other consulting and coaching firms?

There are some key differences that are explained in more detail on our services page.

How long does it take to get a Coverdale program rolled out? How long will the program take to be completed?

That depends on the aims of your program and the complexity. We have contracted, designed and delivered short programs such as a senior management team facilitation within a few days. Complex programs such as some of the case study examples might require a design process jointly with the client that takes several months and a rollout and completion over several years. Sometimes as in a large scale intervention after a merger it is critical to reach an entire organization within a few days or weeks to quickly gain momentum after the formal execution of the merger. In this case the preparation phase might take longer than the delivery based on the level of detailed planning required. 

How can I become a Coverdale coach and consultant?

Please read our short career section to find out more.