Team Working Skills

Custom designed programs for anyone who has to work in a team or teams that deliver real skills to fit with the needs of your organization.


Virtual Team Working

In the global market virtual team working is something many organizations are struggling with. This tailored program can help your people get things done together even though they are in different locations.


Collaborative Working

In this age of partnerships, alliances and joint ventures it is critical that organizations develop the collaborative working skills necessary to make this work. It is more than teamwork; it is being able to cooperate across teams and organizations in order to bring about high quality results.


Project Management

This tailored program is for people who have to work with others and contribute to the successful outcome of projects.



Based on the Harvard Negotiation Project this program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. It is intended for those who have to reach negotiated agreements and maintain long-term relationships.


Training To Meet Specific Needs

Do you have a development need in your organization that is not mentioned here? Why not talk to us anyway. We have wide experience in designing bespoke training programs to develop skills that meet specific purposes and outcomes.