Leadership Development Programs

Custom designed programs to develop the leaders with the right skills and behaviors your organization needs.


First Line Managers

Development for the people who have to get the best out of their teams. Tailored for the specific needs of your organization.


Manager As Coach and Strategist

A program for a new way of leading - taking a strategic approach, creating an environment where empowerment can happen and coaching your people to deliver results.


Leading Change

A program tailored to help the leaders in your organization think through a change process and then lead their people through the change process.


General Management

Many organizations put their people through leadership development. However what is often neglected are the basics of general management. This program seeks to address that and through a tailored approach ensures that your organization does not suffer from too many chiefs and can actually get things done in an effective and efficient way.


Project Management

For anyone that has to manage or lead projects. We can provide full project management training from project governance and the role of the sponsor, to project management skills, tools and techniques. Again this will be tailored to the needs of your business and that will fit with your project documentation, or we can help develop this for you.


Training To Meet Specific Needs

Do you have a development need in your organization that is not mentioned here? Why not talk to us anyway. We have wide experience in designing bespoke training programs to develop skills that meet specific purposes and outcomes.