Developing in-house capabilities:

A strategy to ensure sustainability of interventions

Transfer and sustainability of interventions is a critical success factor of our work. We incorporate several processes that ensure sustainability of any program we develop for clients already in the design phase.

One of the strategies to increase transfer quality is to develop in-house coaches and facilitators for our clients when appropriate and cost effective.

A wide range of custom designed options is available that span from:

  • Developing facilitators from a functional team to rollout the implementation of new processes - for example a new global marketing approach: marketing leaders work jointly with Coverdale consultants to create collateral materials and a rollout process to mobilize the organization.  Read more about this approach in several of our case studies

  • Training of in-house process consultants to ensure successful implementation of change initiatives and other projects. Process consultants can be trained either through a classroom style program or alongside Coverdale consultant during a live project or change initiative.

  • Train-the-trainer for internal staff to work alongside Coverdale coaches for the rollout of learning activities. Trained staff can be Coverdale certified so that programs can be handed over entirely.

  • Training of in-house Coverdale coaches, so that they have the skills needed to meet certification from the International Coach Federation at the ACSTH level. This option is offered in cooperation with Fielding Graduate University (for more read about our partners).

We will jointly develop the best option with you to meet your organizational aims.