Organizational Development and Process Consulting Targeting Sustainable Performance Improvement

Coverdale can provide a wide range of custom designed organizational development services to meet the specific needs of your organization. We can help at both the development and the implementation stages ensuring clarity and then delivery in the following areas:


Vision and Strategy

An inspiring and compelling vision and mission that motivate and align internal and external stakeholders are critical for sustainable success: we find in our work that providing purpose beyond financial targets and compensation is one of the most important motivators for high performance. Coverdale can help you develop real clarity of direction, and then facilitate your thinking so that you choose the most appropriate strategy to succeed. We will then work with you so that the right things are in place to ensure successful implementation.


Organizational Values

Organizational values that are compatible with the mission and that are modeled by leaders support a culture of achievement. Coverdale can test your organizational values and match observable behaviors that are compatible with these values. This process supports you in bringing the values to life and to enable everyone in the organization to match their behaviors with the culture that the leadership is striving to implement.


Structural Change

Is your structure appropriate for what you are trying to achieve? Coverdale can help you with your thinking, ensure that the structure enables rather than disables your strategy and help you bring about a smooth transition that everyone understands.


Change Management

Make the implementation of change successful, getting the buy-in and commitment of your people. Coverdale can help ensure that the change management process is rigorously thought through and planned, and more importantly implemented effectively.


Culture Change and Organizational Alignment

Is everything in your organization in tune? Are organizational culture, people and resources aligned to what you are trying to achieve? For example: a culture characterized by risk aversion based on the desire to avoid failures cannot support a strategy that is driven by rapid innovation. Coverdale can ensure your culture is appropriate for your structure and strategy and that your organization and people are aligned in order to deliver your business aims.


Mergers, Acquisitions and Organizational Integration

Most organizations will do financial due diligence prior and during an acquisition. Finances and structures are planned in detail after a merger. Often however the desired synergies do not materialize after the integration of two different organizational cultures. Based on our experience we believe that human due diligence is critical to any successful merger. Coverdale can support you in taking a holistic approach to the integration, so that the new organization's structure and culture are aligned with the aims and desired outcomes can be achieved.


Behavior Change and Capabilities Development

In any change it is critical that people can developed the required skills and behaviors appropriate to what the organization is trying to achieve. Necessary capabilities and supporting behaviors need to be identified and an actionable plan has to be created. Coverdale can help your organization to structure and work through this process. Moreover, we can custom design and deliver the implementation to ensure the sustainability of the intervention: for example inductive learning events that focus on skill development and behavioral change can be coupled with our model for large group interventions, so that momentum and commitment are generated across the organization. 


Project Management

More and more in any organizational change the need for project management principles are needed. Project management structure, methods and culture can help deliver the results you need. Coverdale can help you with all levels of project management, including governance, methodology and skills.