Consumer Goods / Retail - USA


Leadership, strategic roadmap, vision, teamwork skills


Consumer Goods/ Retail - US

The Task:

The client had to integrate several formerly outsourced functions into a growing organization. At the same time the distribution and marketing strategy changed significantly and required an increased level of internal and external customer support and service. After frequent management changes and unsuccessful small adjustments to the strategy in prior years the morale was low. The new management team had to address all of these and other related issues at the same time.

The Solution:

Coverdale delivered a four-day senior management team meeting that addressed several immediate needs: 

  • To turn a group of executives that mostly just came on board and that had very diverse backgrounds quickly into a functioning senior management team.

  • To enable the senior management team to develop a common and compelling vision for the organization and a strategic road map for implementation during the workshop.

  • To develop a common language and approach so that the vision and parts of the road map could be communicated consistently to the organization and without delay, so that morale could begin to improve and people be aligned.

  • The workshop combined teamwork skills development based on Coverdale's Inductive Learning model and facilitation utilizing Coverdale's tools for the development of the vision, strategic road map and implementation plan.

The Outcome:

After the initial positive response from the organization regarding the new vision and commitment by the senior team, several Coverdale four-day teamwork and management skills workshops were rolled out to the next management level. Every year that these programs ran more levels of the organization became involved in order to increase the impact. The senior team engaged Coverdale every year for an annual strategic review and planning off-site workshop.

As a business result, despite a reduction of about 50% of distribution points over the course of 18 months, sales increased by over 20% through the focus on strategic products and distribution. The quality of cooperation between departments to deliver higher quality service to internal and external customers has significantly contributed to this success.