Fit for Purpose and Sustainability of Interventions: Key Drivers for The Coverdale Program Design

When clients contact us we start the conversation with asking questions about the larger context, so that we clearly understand the business purposes of the potential engagement. We will then together with the client determine clear aims and desired outcomes. Based on this we can jointly determine what type of action will lead to the best and sustainable results.

That is why you will find in these selected case studies custom designed programs that combine different elements of Coverdale services. Fit for purpose and sustainability of interventions are two key drivers of program design.


Here is a selection of themes covered in these case studies:

Leadership Development (3)(4)(5)(6)

Team Development (3) (5) (6)(7)

Individual Coaching (5)Case Studies(8)

In-house coach/facilitator development (1)(2)(4) (6)(8)

Process consulting (1)(6)(8)

Large scale interventions (1)(2)

Vision development/ strategy (3)(5)Case Studies

Intercultural cooperation (7)(8)

Project Management skills (6)