CIO Coverdale India, Partner, Consultant, Trainer




“The greatest gift one can give anyone is to love to learn, always, everywhere. Each one  of us has something unique to offer and the highest synergy can be obtained by positioning this to maximise the benefits to the immediate team and therefore to society.“



-Written: English, Hindi

-Reading: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil

-Speaking: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu


education and training

- Degree in Statistics from Bombay University, India

- Fellow of Chartered Accountants of India since 1993 (Certified Accountant in Practice In India)

- Additional background in law and costing

- Training as a consultant and trainer at Coverdale India


professional Experience

- Consulting Practice in Internal Audits, Managements Audits, System Audits

- Co-founder of a software company providing customised commercial software (since 1997) with
more than 75 installations

- Co-founder of an experimental school in very rural India (since 1994)

- Independent Director in Cipla Ltd., a leading Pharma company (turnover of € 1 bn)

- Conducted over 150 workshops for parents on learning processes in children

- Conducted over 100 workshops for teachers and teacher trainers on learning processes in children

- Conducted workshops in Teachers’ Education Courses, Teachers’ Trainer Courses

- Actively assisted in starting more than 15 schools

- Actively involved in various village development programs since 1978

- Actively worked in Tsunami relief work in Nagapattinam, South India (yet involved)