Our guiding principles

At Coverdale we work in partnership with our clients to jointly develop solutions that suit their strategic aims.  We will link every activity to the real needs of the client's organization in a relentless pursuit to generate the required results.

We take a holistic approach to any assignment, which means everything we do for the client relates to the wider business and is firmly aligned to what the organization is looking to achieve. In doing so, we provide the client with the following:


in terms of what the client's organization is trying to achieve.



in respect of the resources, effort and energy required achieving the client's organizational aims and objectives.


of people across the organization to ensure they are motivated and capable of delivering towards a common vision.


This can be applied to whole organizations, departments, smaller teams or individual projects.

Whatever the assignment, be it a full-scale global change program, a consulting project, a development program for managers or 1:1 executive coaching we are always guided by our core values and strive to operate in a true partnership with our clients, ensuring we provide a sustainable and measurable solution that meets real business needs.

In all aspects of our work with clients, be it consulting, coaching or learning activities we believe that our clients are most resourceful. We emphasize the sustainability of interventions and the transfer of ownership to the client.

Our approach is evidence-based and is permanently evolving in light of new research. Our coaches and consultants have front line management experience. All consultants go through a 18 months certification program and continue their own development with additional qualification thereafter.